Getting Ready for the Off

Recently did a photo shoot at a horse racing yard and whilst it was great out on the gallops, the behind the scenes inside the stables was equally as interesting and challenging to photograph.  Just love the look on this filly’s eye as it was getting all the tack fitted before going out on the gallops.



Dusk approaching

I have visited this venue before but it was a quick visit last time due to time restraints  and I wanted to go back again to explore more as curiosity got the better of me.

So having planned the day to do some work in the morning,  I decided to take the afternoon to visit the ruins at Moreton Corbet in Shropshire just opposite the Shawbury RAF airfield.  The site is managed by English Heritage and is free of charge to visit.

When it is daylight it looks an amazing ruin but when it starts going towards dusk it takes on a more sinister experience ! Something a bit ghostly about a ruin of an old house that was built in Elizabethan times but also maybe because its next to an old castle that is also in ruins and to make it even more atmospheric there is a graveyard with the church of St Bartholomew adjacent as well !

During the course of the late afternoon when I was walking round looking at various things and working out where the light would fall later in the evening, and where the shadows would fall. A walk around the churchyard looking at the various inscriptions on the graves I met up with other visitors, they enquired about what I was doing and when I explained I was hoping to take photographs as late into the evening as I could they all replied – rather you than me we would not like to be here at dusk at all !

This was early evening



Then it got a bit darker




Braved it till near dusk !




Too scary even for me – I went home ……………

Battle of Nantwich 2015

For over 40 years the faithful troops of The Sealed Knot have gathered in the historic town of Nantwich, Cheshire to re-enact the bloody battle that took place almost 400 years ago and marked the end of the long and painful siege of the town.
Royalist and the Parliamentarians are now preparing for the 2015 battle re-enactment, which takes place, appropriately enough, on the 371st anniversary of the original battle, which took place on 25 January 1644. So here are a few photos from today’s battle.

Game Shooting in Cheshire


Frosty days can seem daunting but often they make great days for getting outdoors whatever you may be doing and offer some great atmospheric conditions especially for photography.

Today was no exception whilst out on a Game Shoot in Cheshire – whilst the birds flew high and were challenging to the Guns we were also treated to some lovely scenery, dramatic skies and some stunning breeds of gundog were to be seen.






Carriage Driving at Lowther Show

Recently attended the Lowther Show in Cumbria – whilst it’s a country show with lots of countryside displays to watch from falconry, gundog scurries, hound show and clay shooting among others.

But one thing that took my eye was the carriage driving – in the past i had been part of a back up team to a carriage driving team with a Shetland pony – whilst they competed I was the head cook and everything else to be done behind the scenes for them!

So I could not resist watching the carriage driving at Lowther and wow if you ever get the chance to watch carriage driving its addictive – so much skill – horsemanship, timing, negotiation and amazing talent to say the least.

Prints are available to order – please contact me at for further details.


Penrith Show Pony Club Cross Country Course

Some brilliant riding on the cross country course in the Pony Club area of the show and all the riders and horses looked immaculate too.


Penrith Show What to see and Livestock

One of the nicest shows you could wish to visit – a bit of everything from the Agricultural world in a lovely setting alongside the river just outside the town of Penrith in Cumbria.

Penrith Show 2014 Showjumping Main Ring

Some brilliant show jumping in the Main ring on Saturday
Photographs from Saturday’s show – Photos are available to buy please contact me on

The Real Cote De Buttertubs


Enjoyed the Tour De France and wondered what the Buttertubs look like in either Summer or Winter but both seasons are lovely on the Buttertubs. Well is it Winter or Summer for your choice of view?




Cheshire Police Dog Display at Cheshire Show

The Cheshire Police Dog Team gave a brilliant display at the Cheshire show in the Countryside Experience.  We had some drugs searches both in vehicles and in holdalls around the arena. With a further display by PD Rocco chasing after an offender who tried to run away.  Great displays showing how well the dogs are trained and respond to command with superb handling by the Police Dog handlers.


Cheshire Police Retired Dogs Fund

When police dogs reach retirement which sometimes can be at a young age in the dogs life,  it is the financial responsibility of the handler to care and fund all veterinary costs, whilst ensuring their health and well-being.  Often the dog will stay with the handler for the rest of its life.

Our aim is to aid with these costs by fund-raising through various events, selling merchandise and donations.

As a photographer I give my time to take photographs for them,  so the photographs can be used to raise funds and also feature on their annual calendar they produce each year featuring not only retired dogs but current working dogs belonging to the Cheshire Constabulary.


Cheshire Show Young Handlers

Just a shame that more people did not wait to see this towards the end of some of the classes, some fantastic handling by the youngsters and shows farming is in good hands for the future.


Cheshire Show

Glorious weather today at the Cheshire Show, the show which is a two day event at Tabley Showground near Knutsford has become one of the UK’s largest agricultural shows with more than 80,000 people expected to visit over the two days.

As well as seeing thousands of animals including livestock, horses and dogs in competition, other attractions include a horse whisperer, the Boldog Lings Motorcycle Team to name just a few.

Some great food halls with a live food theatre and lots of food to buy and taste !




Appleby Fair 2014

The Appleby Horse Fair is held annually at  Appleby In Westmorland now part of Cumbria in the lovely Eden valley.

The Horse fair is held early in June each year since 1685 when James 11 granted a royal charter allowing a horse-fair to be held near to the River Eden.

The fair is attended  by both traditional gypsies and travellers from around the country who meet up to buy and sell horses, a time to meet up with friends and relations.  It is also one of the oldest horse fairs in Britain and supported by a fair with horse related merchandise among other items on sale.

Not only were the horses in good condition, the RSPCA had equine inspectors checking over the horses both near the river and on the Fair Hill at the top of the flashing lane,  The fair had an atmosphere that was friendly whilst being well policed by Cumbria’s Constabulary.  It was a time to be seen in your best clothes for the younger girls whilst the men appreciated the horses as well as the girls fashions.  Some of the retailers in town had stocked up on some suitable fashions including some nifty footwear for the ladies.

Whilst I was there it was well supported by lots of visitors, everyone was friendly and if in doubt I asked before I took photographs especially of the children. Whilst it may not be every ones cup of tea – It’s up to you to pay a visit and make your own mind up.

Big thanks to everyone that let me take their photographs.

Summer Colours


Do you take the seasons for granted or appreciate the ever changing colours ?

This is one of my favourite shots taken in Shropshire just after the farmer had ploughed the field – the richness of the soil really shows through.



British Falconry & Raptor Fair – Chetwynd Park Newport, Shropshire

Brilliant two-day family-fun weekend, The Falconry and Raptor Fair will premier all aspects of the falconry world.  Showing a variety of birds of prey including eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. The weekend is a special occasion in the falconry calendar. The link between mankind and birds of prey has, for centuries, held a romantic association.

Animal Location Photography

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Never ceases to amaze me the lovely colours of horses, this one really took my eye when out walking recently.


The Young Pretender

Hi I am Macc and I am only 16 weeks old. When I get older and a bit bigger I want to be like Police Dog Jax who works for Cheshire Police and who I share my home with.

In the meantime I am going to charm you with my sophisticated look that melts hearts!

Retired PD Merlin

Met up with PD Merlin today whilst he enjoys his retirement he cannot resist a ride with the new kids on the block and offer his advice when needed.  Merlin is one of the retired police dogs from Cheshire Police who I do charity work for to help them raise funds.

Most people do not realise that when dogs retire their handler often keeps the dog but it is their responsible for all its upkeep and vets bills ongoing.  For more information please visit their web page.

Winters Landscape

Just loved this view and the skies yesterday over the Cheshire farmland, The first and last hours of a day can be so dramatic.

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