Dusk approaching

I have visited this venue before but it was a quick visit last time due to time restraints  and I wanted to go back again to explore more as curiosity got the better of me.

So having planned the day to do some work in the morning,  I decided to take the afternoon to visit the ruins at Moreton Corbet in Shropshire just opposite the Shawbury RAF airfield.  The site is managed by English Heritage and is free of charge to visit.

When it is daylight it looks an amazing ruin but when it starts going towards dusk it takes on a more sinister experience ! Something a bit ghostly about a ruin of an old house that was built in Elizabethan times but also maybe because its next to an old castle that is also in ruins and to make it even more atmospheric there is a graveyard with the church of St Bartholomew adjacent as well !

During the course of the late afternoon when I was walking round looking at various things and working out where the light would fall later in the evening, and where the shadows would fall. A walk around the churchyard looking at the various inscriptions on the graves I met up with other visitors, they enquired about what I was doing and when I explained I was hoping to take photographs as late into the evening as I could they all replied – rather you than me we would not like to be here at dusk at all !

This was early evening



Then it got a bit darker




Braved it till near dusk !




Too scary even for me – I went home ……………

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