Cheshire Police Dog Display at Cheshire Show

The Cheshire Police Dog Team gave a brilliant display at the Cheshire show in the Countryside Experience.  We had some drugs searches both in vehicles and in holdalls around the arena. With a further display by PD Rocco chasing after an offender who tried to run away.  Great displays showing how well the dogs are trained and respond to command with superb handling by the Police Dog handlers.


Cheshire Police Retired Dogs Fund

When police dogs reach retirement which sometimes can be at a young age in the dogs life,  it is the financial responsibility of the handler to care and fund all veterinary costs, whilst ensuring their health and well-being.  Often the dog will stay with the handler for the rest of its life.

Our aim is to aid with these costs by fund-raising through various events, selling merchandise and donations.

As a photographer I give my time to take photographs for them,  so the photographs can be used to raise funds and also feature on their annual calendar they produce each year featuring not only retired dogs but current working dogs belonging to the Cheshire Constabulary.


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