Appleby Fair 2014

The Appleby Horse Fair is held annually at  Appleby In Westmorland now part of Cumbria in the lovely Eden valley.

The Horse fair is held early in June each year since 1685 when James 11 granted a royal charter allowing a horse-fair to be held near to the River Eden.

The fair is attended  by both traditional gypsies and travellers from around the country who meet up to buy and sell horses, a time to meet up with friends and relations.  It is also one of the oldest horse fairs in Britain and supported by a fair with horse related merchandise among other items on sale.

Not only were the horses in good condition, the RSPCA had equine inspectors checking over the horses both near the river and on the Fair Hill at the top of the flashing lane,  The fair had an atmosphere that was friendly whilst being well policed by Cumbria’s Constabulary.  It was a time to be seen in your best clothes for the younger girls whilst the men appreciated the horses as well as the girls fashions.  Some of the retailers in town had stocked up on some suitable fashions including some nifty footwear for the ladies.

Whilst I was there it was well supported by lots of visitors, everyone was friendly and if in doubt I asked before I took photographs especially of the children. Whilst it may not be every ones cup of tea – It’s up to you to pay a visit and make your own mind up.

Big thanks to everyone that let me take their photographs.

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