St Jude’s Church, Tilstone Fearnall

I often drive past this church and every time I do, I think of three members of my family buried there. Two of them I never knew my grandparents George and Beatrice who are in a unmarked grave. My mother’s sister my Aunt Margaret is also buried there and I can still taste the fantastic Piccalilli she made and remember fondly her ginger cat called Chivers ! Ah memories.

I walked round the churchyard in the early evening and it made me think of someone else, someone I also never met. Sadly during the last month someone I knew lost their baby son less than two weeks after his birth. The father is a professional footballer who you think has everything in the world he could want,  but sadly his world came crashing down with the death of his young baby son.

The connection is shown above the primroses growing in the grass below.

St Jude’s Church, Tilstone Fearnall in the Diocese of Chester was completed in 1836 in a gothic revival style, an Anglical parish church built of sandstone with a slate roof.

Rest in peace baby Jude

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