Opening night

The Exhibition

Well its the day after the opening of the Photography Exhibition at the Tarporley gallery in Cheshire.  Five other photographers as well as Brackendale were invited to display their work.

I have six pieces of work in the exhibition and even though  my photography career started over forty years ago this was my first exhibition to the public showing my work.  Was not sure what to expect and very nervous beforehand.

But the evening went very well, I was surprised at the interest in my subjects I had photographed and the comments from the people invited to the preview evening.   Whilst you think your work is good,  but when you look at your own work you’re the worse critic at times aren’t you ? They say self praise is no recommendation but its hard to take when people come up to you and saw wow I love your work !  as I am a modest person at heart.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating and last night went better than I could ever imagine as the night ended and found one of my works had sold on the opening night !

Before any of you are now thinking how my bank balance has increased,  I am donating all the proceeds from anything I sell to an organisation called Cheshire Search and Rescue who have many trained volunteers as well as specialist dogs available who are willing to go out and search when someone is missing or when there is a major incident when they help with rescues too.

The piece of work that sold was

In the wilds

In the wilds

a few other photographs from the opening night

Jan with the Mayor of Nantwich councillor Graham Fenton

Mayor of Nantwich and Jan (Brackendale)

Mayor of Nantwich and Jan (Brackendale)

With members of the Cheshire Search and Rescue Team

Members of Cheshire Search and Rescue with Jan

Members of Cheshire Search and Rescue with Jan

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