Giving something back

Sometimes its nice to give something back rather than take all the time, this weekend was one of those times.

Went to the Lancashire/North Yorkshire borders to do some photography to help out a charity that saves rare breeds amongst many other animals.  Had a great time with all the animals and here are a few of them.  They costs a few pounds to keep in feed and have a look at their web page







5 Comments on “Giving something back

    • Was a great day and good fun with all the animals. At one point heard a noise behind me but could not see anything, then 100 years away I could see the two pigs heading my way to see if I was a bringer of food ! Quite eerie as they headed my way ! The animals were great to work with and looking forward to going again as the seasons change. Nice to help a charity especially as they struggle financially.

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    Great to hear about this. I think we should all try to give something back, to use our skills and/or time to help others. Your photos are fabulous, where are they going to appear? Christmas cards, brochure. . .

    • Thanks for your lovely thoughts, we all have different skills and its nice to be able to share them to benefit othes especially a charity that have had photographers saying yes we will do some photos for £xxx, whilst it cost me to travel up there that is all it cost me – i gave my time and photos free to them – to me it was well worthwhile to help them and enjoyed myself so much on the day. I am going back over the seasons to take more photos they can use on their web site.

      I am currently developing my own web site to sell cards of my photographs generally.

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