Artist in Progress

For those of you fortunate enough to have visited  the Yorkshire, Cumbria or Derbyshire areas there is nothing better to see than a nice dry stone wall.  When they are new they look magnificent but look equally nice if not better when they aged, weathered by sometimes stormy climatic weather and covered with moss and algae. You can marvel in how they got built many years ago, going up the side of a steep incline to then only go back down the decline the other side ! They did not have the benefits of a vehicle, quad bikes, landrovers etc to carry the stone to the site and that makes it all the more remarkable.

Last week I took the “B”  road back from Tan Hill over to Kirby Stephen and whilst the moors looked beautiful in their Autumn colours, the sheep were enjoying a sunny but windy day but one guy was working hard restoring the past.

The Dry Stone Waller

Stopped and went had a long chat with the dry stone waller , a guy who was from Kirby Stephen.  Just watching him building up the section of wall was like watching a work of art in progress  and what an art it is as these photographs show. Just watching him selecting the next piece and building it up was like watching a jigsaw being built.

What a fine job he was doing too.

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