The Sheep Drover

Modern Droving

 Years ago  sheep droving used to be done on foot with the help of a dog but nowadays it is so so different.  Modern technology helps out but thankfully still some things stay the same and cannot be replaced and the sheepdog is one of them !

I was also driving but mine was of the car sort though on the Ribblehead to Hawes main road last week , saw the sheep in the field being moved down by a pair of sheepdogs and the guys on the quad bikes, I pulled over and got the camera out.

It was totally awesome to watch both how the farmers two son’s controlled the sheep and how the two sheepdogs responded to the whistle.  Not only were the dogs great to watch and admire but both the sons could handle a quad bike whilst maintaining control of the herd and making it look so easy.  I stood with the farmer whilst they moved the sheep from one field, then down the main road and into a field further down the road on the opposite side to go out on the fells.

Had a really nice chat with the  father about his sheep and farming in general particularly about the current state of dairy farming and the price of milk. We talked about the cancellation of the Great Yorkshire Show and he said both his son’s had been due there to take part in the sheep shearing competition and were equally dissapointed as I was. He told me about the places around the world they had been shearing like New Zealand too.  A very proud father of his two sons working the sheep.

Many thanks to the farming family at “Far Gearstones Farm” on the Ribblehead Road for letting me takes these photos and maybe holding them up a bit.

Dont you just love the look on the dogs face looking back  over his shoulder to one of the lads!

The result onto the fells.

5 Comments on “The Sheep Drover

    • it was one of the moments I had to park the car very quickly and get the camera’s out and just go for it! The dogs were awesome to watch and the two sons controlled the sheep on their quad bikes. But it didnt quite make up for missing the great yorkshire show !

    • Absolutely lovely family, spent ages talking to Jeff the father of the lads, i think we put farming to right in about fifteen minutes ! People are sometimes suspicious of photographers but once you talk about farming and they realise you know what your on about too – your immediate friends !

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