The 6 am start was well worth it

Well last week was disappointing with the Great Yorkshire Show being abandoned late on Tuesday night due to the weather, but never defeated I headed up to North Yorkshire.

My quest was something every boy loves to see but might not admit too but equally was something most boys of a certain age wanted to drive when they were older ? …………

Any guesses yet ?

Was it worth the 6 am start and the two hours drive through iffy weather to say the least on my way to my site en route to North Yorkshire through the Yorkshire Dales, was I going to be able to see anything when I got there?

When arriving the local mobile sandwich bar was setting up, after a quick welcome  coffee, it was boots on and a walk to get into place and then wait for my quest to appear….

The walk up to my location was in rain, not really sure what to do next, one minute raining and then next some sunshine.  Into position, camera set up on tripod and then it rained even more, took off my goretex jacket to make sure my camera stayed dry – I could keep dry under the layers ! The mist was moving in on the hills and then clearing as the clouds were moving over quickly overhead.

Then slowly in the distance my quest could be seen and then heard ……

The unmistakable sound of ……..

48151  “The Fellsman”

Yes the early start was more than worth it !

The photographs were taken at the stile just beyond the old workmans  railway hut where it reaches the top before walking on towards Blea Moor Signal box.

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