Where’s the beck gone ?

The Beck in the shadows of Ribblehead

February 2012

When I was walking around Ribblehead in February on a circular walk returning back towards the Ribblehead viaduct my guide book said “if the beck is low you can safely walk across” but is wasn’t ……  – it was in full spate and too dangerous to cross. Looking through the cyrstal clear water you could see the depth and I was not going to risk that,  especially as I cannot swim either !  Instead I had to make a detour to a bridge where I could then cross safely over to the other side and continue on my route.

April 2012

Crossed the same beck but it was much much lower to say the least and this photograph shows there was water flowing down from Blea Moor.  Even through the  week the area had been covered in snow and was very wet, there was still not a lot of water flowing down the beck.  Higher up Whernside the ground was sodden with water underfoot so there was plenty of water going down into the water table below ground. But where was it all going too?

June 2012

The sight of the same beck was unbelievable – where had the beck gone ?  Where had any of the wildlife/fish gone ?

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