White Blaze




I often pass this field on my way to clay shooting down in Staffordshire but with time on my hands this particular day I stopped and watched the horses in the field and then the fun  really started……..

Looking at this lovely horse you would think ” butter would not melt”  as we have a way of  saying,   as its so angelic but if only you had seen it before I took this !  Three girls came into the field to bring their horses in late afternoon, that was their idea but the three horses in the field had a very different agenda.  Every time the girls got near their horses they legged it down the other end of the field and this game of catch me if you can carried on for over half an hour and eventually the horses got fed up and allowed their charges to put on the reins to walk them back to the stables across the road.  It was during the catch me game that I got this shot and the horses face says it all……

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