The perfect carpet – Snowdrops in the Churchyard

Sndowdrops in the Church of St Peter and St Felix, Kirby Hill, Nr Richmond

The medieval parish church of St Peter and St Felix , Kirby Hill near Richmond, North Yorkshire.

The church which is a grade 1 listed building was built in 1397, every time you visit the churchyard the flowers growing wild set off a lovely peaceful scenario.  Every season you see something new whilst there in February the snowdrops were eye-catching to say the least and make the perfect peaceful carpet.  When you walk in the churchyard it is so quiet and the views quite enchanting, if you were to die tomorrow you could not ask for a more perfect place to be laid to rest in.

The church commands a view high on the Kirby Hill overlooking  the dales below and towards the village of Ravensworth and the A66 beyond that.  Opposite the church is the village pub “The Shoulder of Mutton “which is well worth a visit for excellent food and it is where I stay when photographing up in North Yorkshire.

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