Welcome to Brackendale

Welcome to Brackendale – the world of the countryside with dips into walking with some photographic shots of where I have been, a bit of  fishing and some shooting, sometimes a bit about hedgerow cookery and making your own gins.

Maybe not as exciting as The Archers but you never know do you what will happen ?

Why Brackendale – is sums up my perfect idea of the countryside coupled with my love of two names Bracken and Dale but more of Dale later in another blog.

So who was Bracken?

Bracken was a black and white border collie whose sole mission in life was to escape out of the house or garden and go where ever his whims took him, often me with trailing with despair as to where he had now gone! It’s not funny trying to leg it down the road in your slippers after a dog especially at my age.

Bracken came into my life from a farm in Cheshire but over the years he lived around the other counties too.  Whilst as a pup he enjoyed gnawing his way through countless things but as he got older his sole mission in life was to escape.  Boy did he have first class honours in this and I am not sure where he learnt it all from?

Bracken was a lovely dog but slightly crazy in his ways but always forgiven no matter what he put us through and had a look that could melt hearts, well mine any day.    Sadly Bracken departed from this world nearly fourteen dog years old after illness but his memory lives on here.

I hope you enjoy these blogs and make you smile after a long day in whatever you do.

Leave your thoughts please

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